9 Tips for Making Summer Air Conditioner Maintenance a Breeze!

Summer is right around the corner, and your friends over here at Sturdy Covers are hoping you are preparing your HVAC systems to optimize comfort and keep maintenance costs down.

 Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Cover AC Cover AC Unit Cover

Our friends over at the energy department have some tips for this summer on making sure that your AC unit is primed and ready to cool you down through the summer months. 

According to energy.gov:

"Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases"

Decline in performance plus increased energy consumption, sounds like an expensive bill in the mail to me! (Not to mention sleepless, sweaty nights)

So how can you stop this cocktail of uncomfortable temperature and uncomfortably thin wallets?

Here are 7 tips that will keep your wallet happy, and more importantly, your wife. 

  1. Check your Air Conditioner Filters

This is first and foremost. A dirty filter, means dirty air and worse performance 

AC Covers for Summer. Cover AC Unit Air conditioning unit cover.
One of these guys could be camping out on your AC unit if you aren’t careful!


  1. Clean out those Coils!

    air conditioner cover. Cover AC unit 24 x24 ac cover

      AC coils will collect dirt and grime throughout the year. Get that out of there!


      1. Don’t forget the coil fins

       Air conditioner cover for outside. Air conditioning cover for indoor. Air conditioning cover

      These aluminum fins are easily bent and can clog up airflow.

      1. Condensate Drains
      Air conditioner cover unit cover AC condenser cover compressor cover AC unit

      Grab some wire and run it through the drain holes. This will reduce humidity and keep your house cooler

      1. If you have a hanging AC Unit, Check the seals
      AC Cover unit cover Cover your AC unit Protect your AC Air conditioner cover summer

      The seal can crack and let in unwanted outside air. Get those sealed up.

      1. Have a professional run a check

      These guys know what they’re doing and will find anything not working properly. Nothing wrong with a preemptive checkup!

      1. Invest in a SturdyCovers AC Defender
      AC Net cover Air conditioner summer cover net 32x32x32

      Our covers will cut down on your outside AC maintenance, while letting your unit breathe easy as summer gets rolling. There won’t be any leaves or debris clogging those hoses and coils. Your filter will thank us too!

      For year-long protection, we suggest our Full Cover. This protects the entire unit. Just measure your size, pick one out, and defend that air conditioner!

      how to cover your air conditioner for summer. How to protect air conditioner from debris cover for air conditioning unit

      Easy installation and no need for a professional for a protection that won’t just help keep your AC unit alive in the summer, but year round! End the maintenance calls and order a Sturdy Cover today!